Phil Brown - Writer

Brochures, Sales and Product Collateral

"Do you have a brochure for that?" 
"Can you send me something in writing?"
"I need something to show my boss."

Potential buyers need proof and reinforcement in their decision-making process.    A well- built sales story packaged in a readable format will inform and captivate, as well as involve and motivate a reader to act.    It will also be consistent in branding rules, value definitions, tone and manner.    Best of all, it speaks in your behalf when you aren't present.

I provide brochure and collateral services including:
  • creative brief outlining targeting, consumer interest, value proposition and competitive positioning;
  • headlines, copy platform and thumbnails suitable for your graphics team;
  • full copy, including testimonials, annotations and sources.

Consider your brochures as an extension of your selling effort.   Let me help you improve their effect on your sales calls, call-ins, direct mail, and take-ones.
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